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Desert Paramours organizes trips primarily to Jordan. Next to that we can also organize overland trips to Jordans neighbouring countries in the Middle-East. We have extended knowledge of the region. We know our way around Jordan from our own experience for years on end. As a result Desert Paramours can compose nearly every program possible, meeting the customers individual needs and wishes.
Travelling to Jordan with Desert Paramours Tours will give travellers an opportunity to see the real colourful Jordan. We take pride in making every trip we organize a unique experience for our clients. We stand for offering a travel experience beyond belief.

If you are interested to get to know more of the trips Desert Paramours can offer you, we gladly invite you for a tour in Jordan. It will offer you a chance to explore Jordan personally and get the real experience about this unforgettable country.
If you would like to know more about Desert Paramours Tours please contact us at one of our offices in the Middle East, N. America

Our company offers a wide range of opportunities, like classical tours, pilgrimage tours, spa therapy treatments, bathing in the natural hot springs, hiking in beautiful canyons and nature reserves, diving in the Red Sea, camel treks in the desert, business tours with conference facilities, outdoor trips as well as adventure tours.
You can choose the type of program that your customers prefer.

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